Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Video of Marshall Faulk Retirement Previously Mentioned

Here is the video. Don't blink or you will miss the painting! You can see it at the very beginning on the right side of the screen and it peeks through a few more times. LOL.

St. Louis Rams Project

Ooooh, I
need to post more! It's been VERY busy these past few months! Holiday time is always crazy and this year was no exception. In addition to the usual dozens of portraits, I was fortunate to be asked to do a painting for St. Louis Ram's RB Marshall Faulk to be presented to him at his retirement celebration. Limited edition prints were made of this painting in addition to having it shown on national TV! FUN! Above is the painting along with two shots from the ceremony during which the painting showed on TV. LOL. It barely showed, but hey, better than nothing! Well, hope to post more soon. Happy New Year! You can see the whole retirement ceremony at Youtube by clicking this link:
Marshall Faulk Retirement Ceremony