Sunday, April 20, 2008

Marigolden-Original Oil ACEO

3.5" X 2.5"--TINY! In fact, you are probably seeing the painting larger than life! Oil on prepared illustration board.

Hello! It's been a crazy busy month. Again this year I am doing 10 portraits for Women of Achievement. It's a lot of work and I need a break now and then. So guess what I did! I am just learning about ACEO's...Art Cards, Editions and Originals which are apparently artist trading cards of sorts which are now being sold to collectors. Evidently these little paintings are to be the exact size of 3.5" X 2.5" or the reverse. Well, sounded like fun as well as an opportunity to take a little break so I did this little piece below. Hope you like it! Oh, and I have just started a new Etsy shop at which you can buy my prints and the ACEO originals since I plan to do lots more of them.
Thanks for peeking and have a great day!