Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pastel of Pastels

Pastel on board.  20 X 17.
Sometimes it's nice to change it up and paint something that isn't a variation on tan, peach, brown, beige or white as it often is when painting portraits.  Throwing some tissue on my drawing board with a few of the pastels I used to create this piece seemed the perfect remedy.  It all seemed so simple at first until I realized how much I had crumbled the tissue.  That just created a lot more detail work than I had anticipated.  No matter, I like a challenge and this one certainly provided that!

Image Distortion-Marbles Magnified

Pastel on board.  26 X 10.
For many months now I wanted to include a beautiful magnifying glass that belongs to my mom in one of my paintings.  I finally remembered to ask if I could borrow it.  I've always loved marbles; I am fascinated by what happens to the light as it passes through them.  What better opportunity to get a closer look at the flowing swirls, the little air bubbles, and the distortions?   

Retiring Judges Honored with Portraits


I had the honor (pun intended) to paint 3 retiring judges from St. Charles County this past year or so.  The portraits of Judge Lucy Rauch, Judge David Dalton, and Judge William Lohmeier were presented recently at a special luncheon recently and I was fortunate to be invited to attend.  I love painting these wonderful people who dedicate themselves to the service of our community.  I wish all three of them a happy and healthy retirement! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pastel Journal Article--Exciting News!

I'm excited to share news that my work will appear in the February issue of Pastel Journal along with artists Karen Howard and Ria Hills!  I am certainly in great company and appreciate Anne Hevener including me in this great magazine for pastel artists.  You can get a preview of the article here:  Pastel Journal

Colored Pencil Just for Fun!

I was inspired by Colored Pencil Magazine's Facebook Page to play around with colored pencil for the first time in decades.  Using my 20+ year old Prismacolor pencils I did this 18 X 14 portrait of a sweet little Lab on 600 grit UArt Pastel Board.  The colored pencil worked well on the surface and I found colored pencil to be as much fun as I remembered!