Friday, February 20, 2009

Sports Artwork

I have been doing a lot of artwork of famous athletes and sports figures in the past year and thought you might like to see a few of the paintings/items that have passed through my fingertips. This year I have embarked on a journey into the sports collectibles arena (pun intended) and have been working on some pretty interesting pieces which I will post soon. I am very excited about the long term possibilities...still getting to paint portraits, but in a whole new way!

Below is a piece of the dugout floor (I think) from old Busch Stadium which has been torn down. This is a VERY small piece. The painted image is only about ONCE INCH in you are seeing it FAR larger than it really is.

The image below is a commissioned piece for the St. Louis Rams in honor of Mrs. Georgia Frontiere (Rams owner) who passed away last year.

This painting of Dick Vermeil (below) was commissioned by the Rams last year to honor his great accomplishments on behalf of the team.

Below is a Stan Musial signed baseball with a hand painted acrylic image of Stan the Man. Again, this is a TINY image. I promise you are seeing it so much larger than it really is. Truly, it looks better in person.

Again, another image of Stan the Man. This time it is on an old Busch Stadium rail pad! This one is a bit larger, about 7 inches in height.

Recent Work

Here is some recent pastel portrait work. I am fortunate to have such adorable subjects! I am embarrassed that it has been so long since I have posted. I am going to be better this year (I have said that before).