Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Personal Trainer

The first painting of the New Year and while I set out only to paint a couple of pears reflecting on a silver vase I ended up getting a laugh out of the result. Surely it's my own guilt speaking to me and urging me to get on my standard resolution of a new year to exercise and eat well so what came to mind when I viewed the final painting were these things:
1. I identify with pear shapes.
2. "Big butt."
3. "Get off your butt and DO something!"
The pear on the table looks like I feel. I think I need a personal trainer and therefore the title.
I guess that's more information than you might have wanted and I hope you still enjoy the painting. Perhaps it will motivate you. I am going to go have a midnight snack.

This is an oil painting measuring 8 X 10 on prepared panel.

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