Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Slice of Yesterday

Okay, well it isn't the flip side of "Yesterday" but it's a slice of it figuratively speaking. It's also yesteday's painting. My kids couldn't believe we were so primitive as to play records. Personally, I miss those days. Sigh...

This little painting is a small personal reflection on years gone by and a walk down memory lane (as opposed to "Penny Lane" which is on the flip side). Going through my old 45's brought back so many musical memories. I don't have many of the Beatles 45's on the old Apple label but of the few this was one of my favorites. Anyone who owns any 45's on this label will recall the apple on the flip side shows the inside of the apple which is why I sliced mine this way for the both sides are represented in some way. For the 2 people who read this blog you might want to know this is an oil on prepared board and measures 12 X 12. It may scratch, it may never be played again if I ever damage the needle on my old turntable and can't get a replacement, but the painting will remind me and I can download the MP3. But it won't be the same as it was yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Smashing good trip down memory lane.