Friday, September 19, 2008

Having a Screw Loose

Oil on canvas. Normally I work on prepared panels but I have a few canvases I need to use so I grabbed one for this painting and enjoyed having texture for a change.. Wet paint.
Fond of painting shiny objects, I barely noticed my little container of odd screws, nuts and bolts. For some reason I feel compelled to hang onto leftover hardware just in case I actually did forget a piece when I put together the last household item. Lots of times I buy something that requires assembly only to find I have been shorted the necessary pieces. Other times I have extras and doubt my ability to follow directions. It's that latter that makes up the subject matter for this painting. This puppy is 18 X 18 which was quite a calisthenic routine to paint. Next time I think I will work a bit smaller. All in all I am happy with it. I did have a little trouble deciding which side should be the "up" side. I have settled on my original plan. Thanks for peeking!


Alvin Richard said...

Outstanding! There is a warmnest within the colors, especially with the coppers that makes this pieces sparkle. The treads are so symethric....mind boggling!

Lisa Ober said...

Thank you Alvin! So nice of you to drop by and visit my blog.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach on this painting if you know what I mean. I didn't realize how much of an undertaking all those twists and turns would be. I'm happy to be finished as I thought it would never end.

Thanks again!

Deborah Ross said...

Hi Lisa, I've never seen your work before and it's just outstanding. Every portrait seems to glow with inner light. But the nuts and bolts are my favorites and I'll have to come back to see if you've done more of similar items.