Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Above Top: "Odd Ball" Pastel, 24 X 18.
Above: "Captain Picard" Oil on panel. 14 X 18. I'm hoping to get Sir Patrick Stewart to sign this.


Alvin Richard said...

Now really Lisa.....you have got to be kidding me!!!! When you do portraits of ordinary people that I've never met, I think that you master a face....but this is beyond a portrait. He's not breathing and that's about it. I think that if he gets to sign it, he will be freaking out......... so outstanding. You have to be one of the best portrait painter ever. You really master oil like nobody's buisness, and now PASTEL!!!JUST BRILLIANT!!! (BTW- the masking medium is ''drawing gum'', that you rub off after. But you have to paint as thin as watercolor....thanks for stopping by my blog, too kind) Hoping your gallery is a great success.

Lisa Ober said...

Alvin, always so nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for the over the top compliments. I did get the painting signed AND he took my card AND he remembered me the next day AND he showed the painting to his son..and more but i won't bore you. It was fun!
Drawing gum, eh? Is that a fluid like masking fluid? Is it better than the masking fluid? Not sure I can paint that thinly.
Hope all is well with you. Keep up your GREAT work!